2. 実績紹介
  3. 二タ子の家



it is a small housing project.There are Japanese homes around the site with a certain density and There is a row of cherry blossoms on the side of the site.The client wanted to live while watching the cherry blossoms. But it isn't able to avoid a private problem to grant the request in this land near a road. So we proposed a simple answer. I made them reverse the construction of the floor.The stairs in this housing are characteristic. A Void like a crevasse is separating inside and outside gently. The stairs where soft light on the north side falls play abstract beauty.
The construction of the 2nd floor is simple. Each several offices which line up parallel to cherry blossoms. We answered a request of the client who would like to live while always feeling a cherry blossoms.The simple composition and the beautiful figure are derived consequently, and construction has been completed.
We thought about a house like living with cherry blossoms while paying attention to the surrounding houses.
The roof, material, proportion are designed to follow the surrounding context and participate in the city-scape.On the other hand, symmetrical façades are slightly away from the surrounding context. A design that combines autonomy and heteronomous awakens the surrounding poetic level.

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  • タイトル二タ子の家
  • 計画地佐賀県唐津市
  • 用途専用住宅
  • 状態完成
  • 構造木造
  • 敷地面積163.14m²
  • 建築面積59.62m²
  • 法定延床面積115.11m²
  • 計画着手2016.02
  • 工事竣工2016.11
  • 設計矢橋徹
  • 担当者川﨑真清
  • 写真撮影八代哲弥(八代写真事務所)http://846-photo.com/、矢橋徹

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