2. 実績紹介
  3. 倉庫のリノベーション



It's located in Saga,Japan.The project which promotes a community in an area.
The depot in the existence is the building built with steel frame to store material.The gallery to use it in the area and space for a market could purchase this building.The complicated related project which makes a different program live together.I decided to settle it by a simple answer.
The shelf which displays the goods bought for a market and the wall where silent space is produced are being synthesized by one system,It's shelf-wall.The shelf-wall is made the construction of the nesting boxes.
This is a project of a renovation.The design is required by a place with which time between the past and present is intermingled.To mediate between those in the past and present by this project, various tries are being practiced.A steel frame frame of the existence, a slate board, a concrete slab and these are the material which takes on time of the past.White paint, floor covering material, a thin handrail and these are the new material.
past and present, busyness and silence. The design these cross. This ambivalent, the state is ruling space.

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  • タイトル倉庫のリノベーション
  • 用途ギャラリー、イベント広場
  • 状態完成
  • 構造母屋:既存鉄骨造 棚壁:構造用合板24mm
  • 設計矢橋徹
  • 担当者川﨑真清、上野拓美
  • 写真撮影矢橋徹

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